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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So very very annoying...

Ah, the most frustrating thing! I'm reading a very long series, and the library runs out on volume 11. So I go on the internet, and read 12, 13, and 14. And then, I find out that the author has stopped writing the series and no one knows when she will finish it. Arrrggghhh. Has that ever happened to anyone besides me? Also, even more annoying is that my sister and my dad get to go visit Utah... they just left a few hours ago... and I can't go until next summer... Haha all right done with that rant. :) Laga, Sol, I'll just have to wait to see you guys.


  1. That's rather a unique dilemma, Mira. I can't say that I've run into it myself. Good luck resolving it.

  2. Heck, once an author gives up, it's over.


  3. Thank you, Baldr, for that excrutiatingly painful *ahem* inspiring speech.

  4. Gee, Baldr, that was astonishingly blunt.
    Mira, you should read the Mistborn series if you haven't already.

  5. Sol, I think bluntness was the goal in that post. :D It was quite amusing. ^.^ Mistborn? I will definitely look it up. Thank you. :)