We are the Knights (that’s pronounced phonetically - cuh-nig-its - as of the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Who Say Cyclic, a group of High School students, all of whom attended 6thgrade at Challenger School. At Challenger, we each gained not only a respect of the English language but also the want to change the world. Our noble mission is to improve America, one step at a time – primarily by improving the U.S.’s tongue and correcting false ideas about how its government functions. To learn more, please visit our website at www.cuhnigits.org.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok, so my cousin Brandon and I were viewing the blog and he asked what cyclic meant. To my dismay I realized that I didn't know either. Sol, please help me.



  1. It's on the website. But for your convenience - it means habitual. The definition has no relevance or significance, it's just that cyclic is so fun to say! (Can be pronounced sigh-click or sic-lic, whichever you prefer.)

  2. And speaking of cool words, I discovered someone talking about interrobangs at lunch today! Isn't that fabulous?