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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rant about Courage

Courage. Everyone agrees that courage is a great trait to have - fighting for liberty and your country and defending the Constitution and its rights - but I want you to take a minute to think about the smallest acts of courage we see  (or don't see) every day. I can find nothing worse, nothing more disappointing, than someone who can not find the courage to tell the truth or do the right thing - even when there are only insignificant consequences to their actions. When we commend soldiers or doctors for their courage in battle, in life-or-death situations that many people don't face, we often forget about the little courageous things everyone can do. Standing up for what you believe in, not hesitating to be responsible and take blame or credit for what you did - all are acts of courage, and even if everyone will tell you that's the way you should act, it is in no way how everyone acts. (For your entertainment, the word for fear of responsibility is hypengyophobia.) So, this is a plea for all who read this to be courageous and to ask others to be courageous. Thank you and good luck.
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  1. Agreed. Very much agreed. America has enough cowardice. Let us balance it out with some good pure courage.