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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Odin's 2nd Post (Finally!) =)

So sorry it has taken me so long to get another post going, but you know how things get around this time of the year! So, here finally is Odin's long awaited second post:

Calling all founding cuh-nig-its! The time is long overdue to get together and catch up and just have fun without an overlying mission, however important, occupying our minds! I, personally cannot believe how quickly his year along with the two great missions it contained went by! On that thought, baldr, how did your grade go from the knights latest odessey as you called it? I find it so amazing hat christmas is already only four days away! this is always my favorite time of the year, with the scintillating tree, presents ( the best part is the crinkly wrapping paper!!!hehe!!!) and best of all the spirit of giving! I am proposing that, in keeping with the holiday spirit, we all post something worthwhile we have given to this holiday season. I will start: last week, I donated several pairs of gloves, two pairs of ski pants and a ski jacket to hose less fortunate:) keep this new challenge in mind and merry christmas everyone!!!!!


  1. Love the idea! And thanks for posting - great appreciation to you.

  2. Er... on Christmas day, I'm going to make a Buche de noel for my famiy, simply because it's Christmas. And I'm thinking about being Santa Claus this year. Santa has come to my house since I was 3 ( not because I was a bad little girl... then I would have gotten coal.) and I think the end of this stressful year needs something bright and happy to top it off.

  3. Nice, Mira! I might be making a buche de noel too. And I've saved up $75 to give to various charities.

  4. I'm constantly giving people the honor of talking to me.
    (Did I just ruin that whole spirit-of-Christmas thing you had going?)