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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mind-Breaking News for Sol and Laga.

I have met a new debating partner here in Virginia. But the shocking thing is, he thinks like me. :0 I told you I'm not illogical! Just logical in a different way. Here is my proof. ^-^


  1. "...Thinks like I," dear Mira, not "...thinks like me." =)
    Just because you found another wacko doesn't automatically mean that
    you are no longer thinking illogically. I just shows that your method
    of thinking is not unique. =P

  2. How similar is he really, though, I must wonder? Does he too aspire to someday become a marine archeologist, an illustrator, an author, a singer, and an actor... etc.?

  3. *singing* Someone found a booooooy-friend...
    tee hee.
    Baldr, god of poking fun at people for no reasonable reasons

  4. No, Sol, it means that it proves that I never was thinking illogically, just uniquely. As I've been trying to tell you for quite a while now... Laga: Thank you. I have to beat him in a game of chess... unfortunately, I have only played a total of six games in my life. Sol: Uh no. That's me. I'm unique. :D And that's voice actor. And I've changed it. And Marine archaeoligist was a hobby, not a profession. Baldr: Nope. ^-^ But does that mean you've found a girlfriend, if you so happen to be so knowledgable in the subject?

    Mira, Goddess of Rebounding Insults

  5. Mira: That has no logic whatsoever, not even ILlogic. If you have a toy truck, and then found someone else who had a toy truck exactly like yours, then how would that change ANYTHING about your truck, except show that your truck was not the only one in the universe? Come on, Baldr and Laga, back me up here.
    Baldr: What was that you were saying about "No reasonable reasons?" Is it possible for a reason to not have any reason to it? Just wondering.
    Laga: WHERE ARE YOU?
    Sol, goddess of sincerity in the issue of clearing things up

  6. Not so, Sol. If you said that my truck was damaged somehow because it was different from your truck, and I found someone else with the same truck, then it would prove that my truck was not damaged, but rare and unique. And besides that, there are probably many more people in this world who think like I do, proving again that it is not illogical, but unique thinking. Like a red daffodil. By the way, Sol, you sound kind of desperate. And again, it is not Illogic, it is simply my unique way of thinking.

    Mira, Goddess of Defense and unique wonders

  7. That's redonkulous, Mira. Come ON, my reasonable friends Laga and Baldr (and Odin would be appreciated too), back me up here!

  8. How is that redonkulous, Sol? And I don't hear any counterargument coming from you.

  9. Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to compose a level-headed argument against such messed up illogic as yours.

  10. Agg! You make no sense, Mira!
    "If you said that my truck was damaged somehow because it was different from your truck, and I found someone else with the same truck, then it would prove that my truck was not damaged, but rare and unique," you said. That's soooo redonkulous. It would still be DAMAGED, only someone else would have the same imperfection. That means nothing! Or, some genetic mutation was sweeping the truck-population and only your truck and the other truck were affected. But it's still a mutation. It's still damaged. Someone, intervene, please.

  11. No, I have no girlfriend.
    However I am a chemist.
    Baldr, god of ... chemistry

  12. Ha! Nice intervention Baldr. When arguing is impossible, try distracting. (the third most important rule in dealing with toddlers) oh, wait, now I'm implying that Mira is a toddler, and that isn't what I wanted to say! Oh well.

  13. Baldr, you're a chemist? Inspired by Flavia de Luce, may I ask?
    Laga, if that's the third most important rule in dealing with toddlers. So...? First and second?
    You can imply Mira is a toddler but not mean that you think she is a toddler. Maybe she's just acting like a toddler, and thus the rules in dealing with toddlers still apply. =P

  14. We have a good conversation going here, I'd appreciate if we could keep it going...