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Friday, August 26, 2011

You can teach an old language new tricks...

Especially when the internet is involved. Heya everybody!!! Happy fall (almost). Anyway, just looking at the latest stuff in 393 Views, I started thinking. We, as knights, obviously advocate the remembrance and use of old and dying words, but still accept and honor English as a shifting, growing language. (By the way, did you know that "boomerang child" and "fist bump" have been added to some dictionaries?) So, as one wonderful author put it, we all have a vote on how words are used, and slang can become standard through common use. So everyone, what are your favorite slang terms? What made up words do you use? And finally, on the internet side of things, what are your favorite emotocons?


  1. Thank you thank you Laga for that insightful post. I appreciate that you were able to post something interesting AND related to the Knights and our mission. =)
    Firstly, on emotocons, we've already discussed their uses so I'll just skip to what I personally use. I use "=)" a lot... but that's about it. I find that it's not always hard to convey emotion just through your word choice... but obviously there's no substitute for face-to-face conversations.
    As for slang... I'll have to think about it! I don't really see the appeal in slang, personally, and find it much more satisfying to use LESS common words and phrases... like 'yonder,' which is one of my favorite words I use almost daily. =)

  2. For emotocons, I use ^-^,














    And so forth.

    I personally try to avoid slang, although I do find myself using, "like" incorrectly at times. I also fall guilty to "totally" and a couple more.

  3. Everyone needs to start using "spy" as an adjective.
    baldr, god of trend-setting.

  4. ...example please, Baldr? And maybe some background? Otherwise go forth and conquer...
    Related to emoticons, I use ' (?) ' and ' (!) ' also to express uncertainty and surprise/alarm, respectively and somewhat self-explanitarily...

  5. Example: "Using the word "spy" as an adjective is super spy.
    Also, emoticons, ~8) Harry Potter
    Baldr, god of explaining the trends he is setting.

  6. Like the increasingly-popular term "ninja"?
    Nice emoticon. I can't say I've seen that one before.

  7. Pff, who wants to be ninja when you can be spy?
    Also, at some point in time, in some conversation, someone asked why one of my comments was signed by Baldr, when Jeffery was taking over. Well, Jeffery and I came to an agreement that we would take turns controlling our fingers, and at the time it was Baldr, as it is now.
    Baldr, god of fingers.