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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Does anyone have any good philosophical questions they'd like to share? I've been exploring lots recently and have hit something of a dead end. Your comments are greatly appreciated. =)
Two weeks left of summer! (For me at least!)
Ciao for now...


  1. Ohh.
    Yeah, I'll have to think on that one.
    Anybody else got anything?
    And hey, since I'm feeling generous, anyone who comes up with a good one will get a Medal.
    Now Laga and Mira are tied at 5. Baldr 2, and Odin zip.

  2. I know this is cliche, but I have always thought the "what is the most basic instinct of men, good or evil?" is really fun to argue. Also, why are most mother goose rhymes considered so beneficial that almost every child is taught them? It's not like we use them! What do people have with creepy stuff- I mean, have you ever looked @ the bros. Grimm or ring-around-the-rosy or even rock-a-by-baby? Creepy stuff! Why do people long toe adventure, yet find the familiar comforting?
    I overdid it. I am really interested in all of them, though... =\

  3. Ahh, you didn't overdid it. I'm just glad you responded at all =) Your last question/observation was especially astute - thanks again.
    Laga pulls ahead in the standings!
    Laga 6
    Mira 5
    Baldr 2
    Odin 0

  4. I think it would be really fun to argue, "If a tree fell and no one heard or saw it, did it really fall?" Or, does age really make an adult? Or the experience of the mind.

  5. I already have a firm opinion on the first question, but thanks anyway for putting it our there.
    I think society makes an adult, not age or experience of the mind. Good question though... what are everyone else's thoughts?
    And you know what, the more I think about it the more I like that question... I think you deserve a Medal!
    Mira and Laga - 6
    Baldr - 2
    Odin - 0
    Baldr, you're really falling behind...

  6. I have an opinion as well, but when two different opinions clash it often forms a good debate, no? :) I think society may create the IDEA of an adult, but the maturity of the mind plays a big part in achieving the idea that the society makes. Even if someone reached the age considered to be adulthood, if their actions didn't add up to it would they still be considered an "adult"?

  7. Baldr wants to comment, but THE STUPID BLOG WON'T LET HIM!!! He is so sorry. Also, he want's to cry.
    But anyway, if he could comment, he would ask: "When judging a person's talents, should age be taken into account? On the one hand, their doing the same thing no matter how old they are, but on the other hand, the younger they are, the more time (hopefully) they have to improve.
    -Anonymous, god of posting for baldr...

    -Anonymous, god of posting for baldr...

  8. Oh, good one... I never thought about it, but it's true, we usually do judge people on their peer group...

  9. Ahhhh, good one Anonymous who is speaking for Baldr. I don't think the age should be taken into account, because who can really tell how much talent someone has? As you said, over time those who work hard will improve. How do you know how much talent that person has when you can't see the end? Two people could have the same amount of talent, but if one started sooner and one later, the one who started sooner would improve more in the end. Assuming that they were productive.

  10. Baldr: four times. And good question. Youth is certainly taken into account in many situations... hmm. I'll have to think on that. Nice going... how about a medal for you?
    Mira and Laga: 5
    Baldr: 3
    Odin... 0
    Mira, I like what you added to Baldr's quiry. And I agree that age is often unjustly used against people, but science does say that a person's brain isn't fully developed until their early twenties. Which of course makes us fifteen-year-olds indignant... yeah...

  11. Uh... Sol, Laga and I each have 6, not 5 :P. I guess it's actually a bit true, indignant as we might be. When we were 10, we thought we were really smart and we were doing nothing wrong. Now, we think, "Why in the world did I do that?!?!?!" Although, that might just be a change in perspective... I don't know. Also, people change according to experience. It's not necessarily lack of brain development. You know what, let's us 15 year olds just be indignant. -_-

  12. Oh gosh, really? Sorry...
    Mira and Laga: ~6~
    Baldr: 3
    Odin... 0

  13. For the sake of argument, time travel is a real thing. A person can hop into a time machine (that looks like an egg) and travel back and forth through time. Let us then examine the following situation involving Peter and Lisa-Barbie, two average people who have noses.
    And, for simplicity’s sake, let us shorten our time frame to a single week, Sunday to Saturday. With me so far? Really? Pop quiz! What is the girl’s name? (Hint: It’s not Peaches.)
    On Sunday afternoon, Peter goes fishing by himself because he’s a very boring person. Lisa-Barbie is at home doing terrible things to her feet. Suddenly, a time machine plops down outside of Lisa-Barbie’s house. Lisa-Barbie doesn’t hear it because her ears are filled with very small rocks. In this scenario, Lisa-Barbie will never have any idea that time travel is real.
    Peter (from the future) hops out of the time machine carrying a bowling ball, and barges into Lisa-Babie’s house where he finds Lisa-Barbie doing horrible things to her feet. They have the following conversation.
    LISA-BARBIE: Dude!
    PETER: Hi, Lisa-Barbie. Take this bowling ball. Keep it for a few days. On Wednesday, I want you to give me this bowling ball. When you do this, I will act as if I have no idea what you’re talking about. Don’t worry. Do you understand?
    LISA-BARBIE: On Wednesday, you want me to give you back the bowling ball. And you will act as if you don’t know why. I understand.
    PETER: [Hands Lisa-Barbie the bowling ball] Goodbye.
    Future Peter leaves Lisa-Barbie’s house and hops back into the time machine, traveling to Saturday (his present). Meanwhile, the present day (Sunday) Peter is still fishing because he is a boring man, and has no idea that Future Peter visited Lisa-Barbie.
    Lisa-Barbie has the bowling ball. Nothing much happens.
    Nothing happens.
    Lisa-Barbie lugs the bowling ball to school and hands it to Peter. They have the following conversation.

    LISA-BARBIE: Here’s your stupid bowling ball.
    PETER: What are you talking about?
    LISA-BARBIE: Just take it.
    Confused, Peter takes the bowling ball.
    Peter has the bowling ball.
    Nothing happens. Lisa-Barbie eats a sandwich.
    Peter discovers time travel while playing with his adam’s apple and invents a time machine. Taking the bowling ball with him, he travels back in time to Sunday, the same Sunday we discussed above. Remember? Sunday Peter is fishing, because he is a boring man, and Saturday Peter from the future barges into Lisa-Barbie’s house, gives her the bowling ball and the instructions to give him back the bowling on Wednesday, and then leaves.
    He hops into the time machine and travels to the future (his present), arriving on Saturday afternoon, one second after he had left to go back in time to Sunday.
    Peter then lives the rest of his life bowling-ball-free.

  14. ps, that is from the blog of Daniel Bergstein.
    you're welcome.

  15. I think that was entertaining enough to deserve a medal.

  16. Really?
    I'll consider it.

  17. Aw, Sol, be nice. I think he should get a medal of honor. It was quite fun to read. :)

  18. Maybe Daniel Bergstein can have a medal.
    (Who is that, by the way, Baldr? Someone you know or a random weirdo in Arizona?)