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Monday, October 5, 2015

Long time no... nothing!!!



It really has been too long. How are you all doing? How is life? Is anything hard for you to handle? Are you happy? What is your favorite food?

I've decided to take up blogging again because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^ I've started posting on my other blog, Where the Wind Blows, too. You guys should come and play. I'm hoping it will turn into a place where friends can connect with and support each other.

I hope you are all doing amazingly, amazingly awesome (I am older now, so I must add another "amazingly" to make the phrase sound more mature), and please post back soon! Love,

Sunflower/Mira/The Illogical Jester


  1. Sunflower/Mira!! It's so good to hear from you!! Ahh I miss you :)
    Life is a little crazy, as to be expected... mostly I'm still transitioning from my not-so-great year in Iowa to my very-different-experience here at the U this semester. Lots of changes, and I'm trying to figure out where I belong.
    Overall stuff is good :) I want to know everything about your life!! And now that we're all in Utah (for a little bit longer), we simply must meet for tea and crumpets or some such goodies.
    Love you :)

  2. It's good to hear from you, too, Sol! I miss you so much ;_; Life always seems to be doing cartwheels, does it not? Lol. I'm glad your still bright and racing forward despite your tough last year. I know how great you are and I really believe that you will persevere and punch the sour bits of life on the nose! I'm actually in Virginia right now, and getting ready to visit Utah briefly from the 9-13th and then head to Boston! We should definitely meet up when I get there! Lots and lots and lots of love,

    Sunflower/Mira/April :P