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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello there! Remember me? Hahaha I have finally returned from dropping off the face of the earth! This year has been NUTS. I had (I hope you don't mind that I'm going to brag a bit, but I feel really happy right now :p):
1) Senior Regional Orchestra competition
2) District Choir competition
3) Various orchestra seating auditions
Last week I had All-State orchestra, and yesterday I had a Piano Bach competition. And... I placed 1st!!! I just got back from the honors recital. Now I have to study for my District Piano theory test on the 17th. If I don't pass, I won't be able to participate in the District Piano competition >.< Anyway, I miss you guys so much! How have you all been? Any big news? Sol, are you planning on coming to VA this summer? By the way, Laga and Sol, I need your addresses. Bye for now!
(By the way, it finally snowed! In Febuary. :p hahahaha and the Cherry blossoms are blooming now!)
Love and Sunny showers,


  1. Mira! It's great to hear from you. Sorry I've been neglecting the blog for so long!
    Congrats on amazingness in orchastra, Mira! All that practice pays off. Do you have videos of you playing on YouTube or anything because I want to watch you!!!
    Because Laga's not here right now I will take the liberty of answering for her... her big news is that she's in Europe right now for spring break! Her AP Euro History class is taking 10 incredible days to visit London, Paris, Rome, Prague, and Vienna. It's incredible and I am so jealous!!! She just left, but when she gets back she will tell us all about it and post pictures, right Laga???
    My house has tons of snow! I can't wait till spring though. For 26 hours over Friday and Saturday this weekend I was at the National Qualifiers debate tournament and I'm an alternate for one of the events so might be going to Nationals! State is two weeks from now, I'm looking forward to it too. I have a dance recital in the beginning of April, then spring break... I have tons of math homework to make up from missing the lesson on Friday... I'm turning 16 in two and a half months... On Monday during school, it was snowing like crazy and my friend and I got permission from our teacher to run outside. So we did. And played in the snow for 20 minutes of class. It was sooo fun. I miss y'all so much!
    Random news from Odin, he's rocking his region science fair, is going to the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair at the end of the month. =) Way cool.
    I probably won't be going back east this summer =(

  2. Hi Sol! Sorry for the late reply :P Between the choir trip, spring cold and District piano competition coming up I'm in deep chocolate goop. Unfortunately (or fortunately :P) I do not have any videos on Youtube... but I've actually been contemplating starting a channel. Do you think it would be too weird? I'm so incredibly jealous of Laga... that is one of my dream trips!!! (Yes, THREE exclamation marks!) Here in Virginia it started to get warm, but then suddenly dropped right back into winter. Wow! A debate tournament! And nationals! That sounds amazing! I know it's probably passed, but I hope your States went well! Oh oh oh I'm 16 now!! :D I miss you all EVEN MORE! Science fair. Regions. Woah. NO SOL YOU HAVE TO COME TO VA D: WOW THIS IS A JUMBLED POST.

  3. Mira!!! Welcome back!!! And I totally know about the goop, I'm still in a fair amount myself, because even though dance and debate seasons are over, I've got an AP exam in 15 short days and a gigundo French project due next week plus the usual load of crazy homework. =) Gotta love high school! Happy birthday to YOU, I'm sorry I didn't put it on the blog! Ahh, you are all 16 now! Do you have your drivers licence, Mira? or Baldr? And yes yes yes you should definitely start a channel! This post is jumbled too... bottom line being, I miss you MOOOORREE!!!

  4. Oh dear. It seems to be another high school virus. Just like the sleepiness and back pain... :) Good luck with your AP exam!!! I have my SOL around that time too! Don't you just love how they manage to connect the East and West with lovely events like tests? (Sarcasm? Me? Never!) Thank you for the birthday wishes! Unfortunately, I think my license is probably going to appear next school year at the earliest. :( I will try to start a channel! I am also thinking of starting a health food blog, so we'll see... I MISS YOU MORE! PERIOD, EXCLAMATION POINT, TIMES INFINITY! xD

  5. Yep, high school in all its glory... yaaay. (Sarcasm? Mira maybe, but ME never!!! ;)) It's just so great to hear from you, Mira! Please keep us updated and whenever you need to rant or anything, we are here! Good luck on everything for the rest of the year, and let me know when you get the channel and health food blog up and running! :D
    I miss you to the infinity-ith power, times eternity!!!! Ha!