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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Evil Twins

Hey everyone:
So, today I was informed by my fellow knights that apparently I have an evil twin that I had forgotten about, and we all know about Baldr's evil twin Jeffrey. So, I was thinking we should all tell each other about our evil twins! Or, if that sounds boring, have our evil twins describe us.
Yours in randomness,
P.S. The blog post box has no fun fonts, and this makes me sad. =(


  1. Sup.
    The names Melanee. Mira's twin. So not a literature freak, couldn't care less about grammar. My favorite book series is Twilight. I use txt language whenever I cn. I run track at school, and Im failing all my classes. Ttyl :p

  2. Ahahaha. Melanee. That joker. Don't worry, she's not that bad. ^_^

  3. Salutations, Melanee.
    It's a pleasure to meet you. I appreciate the time you took to introduce yourself to us - I'm sure it was quite a sacrifice on your part, when you could have been doing better things. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have had your acquaintance.

  4. Hey Melanee! I repeat the salutations, and am waiting patiently for Sol to reveal to everyone that this supposed "Queen of Everything" persona is really her evil twin.

  5. Evil twin? Hardly! Super Orc is my evil twin, and there's no way you're going to get him to appear here. He only comes out at night, and he only travels by bicycle, and since there are no bicycle lanes near my house, he isn't likely to take the trouble to get here. Not to mention that I recoil at the idea of him being here, and I loathe admitting our relation. I hate his Orcy guts. He killed Boromir. (Laga, suppress your protests.)

  6. I'd also like to point out that Laga's evil twin has yet to arrive. Seeing as Laga initiated the conversation, I at least would appreciate such participation.

  7. Hey everyone, this is Jeffrey. Of course, you've all already met me, so I won't really bother introducing myself. But yeah, Baldr says hi.