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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Important Question!!!

Okay, I've been in a pretty much constant 2-day debate with everyone that disagrees with me on this, and just to let you know, I AM right and I can prove it.
Here's the question:
Can color exist without light?
A sub-question that has opened up is:
Is there such a thing as utter darkness, or no light?
Or, to rephrase the first one,
If I have a can of red paint and I close the lid tight enough that no light gets in, is the paint still red?
(That last example is thanks to my brother. It's the best example I've heard all week, including those from kids two or three years older than him, so... nifty-cool, brother!)


  1. The potential for color still exists, but not the color itself. It's sorta like how a tree falling in a deserted forest still makes sound vibrations, but not sound because sound is really the interpretation of the displacement of particles by beings with hearing senses.

  2. Isn't color caused by... protons or something? I think so... maybe.

  3. Cool. Yeah. That answer was a little late for what I needed it for, but thanks anyway. And speaking of important questions, I'm writing a paper on the meaning of life and wanted your input.