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Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Philosophy for You

Do you think that everything is physical? Meaning, from a scientific and empirical viewpoint, is everything made of matter, or are there some things - like thoughts, perhaps - that don't really exist, in the physical sense? Opinions please.
Or chew on this - Plato thought that all physical objects are inherently defective, and the only way to get an idea of the true form of an object was through thought (thought was supposedly closer to the divine/true-ness of the universe.) His idea was "why look at the stars when you can think about them?" Opinions please.
Thoughtfully and ardently,

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  1. Well, in some ways I agree with Plato. Along the same lines, what is the mind? What is software? Are thoughts regrettable through chemical processes? What exactly constitutes "physical"? *Goes to get dictionary*
    Cool question!