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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theatre. and also stuff.

Hello everyone, sorry for my tardiness, I was just learning how to use... the potty.
Well anyway, this post is to talk about one of my favorite subjects: the theatre. Acting is the oldest form of entertainment. Theatre as we in America know it started in ancient Greece, with a man named Thespis, who won a play competition back in 534 BC. I is from his name that we have received the term "thespian". Plays were performed in hillside amphitheatres by a chorus and several masked actors. As the Greek society declined, the Romans rose up and took theatre into their own hands. Plays were much the same as they had been with the Greeks but, instead of dramatic tragedies, they preferred a, shall we say, more physical humor.The word "play" (as a stage performance) came from the Romans. At the fall of the Romans, theatre fell two, becoming something mainly for traveling bands called jongleurs. Well, I know I haven't even gotten to the master yet, but I just got bored. So, for those of you that still care, The Hale Center Theatre Orem is now playing "The Foreigner" which I highly recomend. I also recomend Random Acts of Culture on youtube.

Over and out,
Baldr god of (as of now) theatre.


    Good post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    But most of all, thank you for not abandoning me in my time of need! You posted! Hip-hip hooray! Mira, you'd better help me start up that prestigious dollar store soon because I owe someone another Medal of Honor. =)

  2. And also, I entirely second the recommendation for The Foreigner. It is an incredible production. Anyone who goes to see it will win a Medal of Honor.

  3. Does that mean I have a Medal of Honor?

  4. Yes, fine, I'll bring it next time we meet.

  5. And it's really quite an extraordinary Medal of Honor (despite the fact that it is physically nonexistant) so the rest of you had really better see the play soon.